How I won an electric guitar but nearly lost it if it weren’t for my wife needing a new passport – A Short Story

So the happy ending is that I finally got my new guitar, but not without a little luck. Just let me rewind a bit…

It alI started when back in December a renown Costa Rica music store posted a Facebook giveaway for a beautiful electric guitar. I commented and shared the post to participate, as did thousands of other eager musicians. The winner was to be announced on December 24th so anticipation grew by the day.

In the mean time, my wife and I were preparing for a trip to Colombia to visit her family for the holidays. When we got there on the 24th, the bad news were that she had to change her passport for a new one because of a new law. She wouldn’t be able to leave the country if she didn’t get a new passport! Our plan was to go on a family trip around a beautiful zone and then to a secluded farm up north Bogota. We decided to return on Monday to take on the two-day bureaucratic nightmare as it was the holidays so all government offices were closed anyway.

So off we went but we didn’t have internet access except for a few spots with free Wi-Fi in which we shared photos and check emails. The funny thing is that I completely forgot about the giveaway from all the stress from the trip. On the 28th we returned to Bogota and after a dreadful day of long lines and waiting times, we returned to my wife’s parents house. I took a moment to check emails and share more photos and when I was about to go offline I got a Messenger notification from a friend. I was so tired that I nearly left it for later, but something pushed me to check. He was telling me I have won the guitar and they were about to find another winner as I had not contacted them! There was a deadline! I called the store, sent an email and weeks later I got it.

I felt so lucky, but also curious about why they didn’t contacted me directly, in the middle of the 21st century! Anyway… My wife got her passport, we returned to the farm and had a wonderful time.



Testing it

Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico – March 19th – 27th, 2016


We decided to take a little vacation to Oaxaca. This is a log of that trip starting from days previous to departure.

Why Oaxaca?

Well why not? My wife and I have been to Mexico before. She actually lived there, in the capital city. So we decided to try something else, a different flavor, a whole new palette of colors from the vast Mexican territory. Music, food, art… All is new and interesting for us, and Mexico adds a special aura that we enjoy.

March 20th

We went to a bunch of places in the Historic Zone around the Zócalo. The Cathedral is beautiful and since this is Easter there is plenty of activity. We were lucky to watch some Catholic celebrations  inside the church and admire the impresive decoration work. 

We also visited the Rufino Tamayo Museum and the Santo Domingo Church, which is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. Righ next tonit is the “Museo de las Culturas” which took a while to visit all expos butvwas worth it. There were plenty of historic artifacts and an old library. This used to be a convent. 


Santo Domingo Church


March 19th

Got to Oaxaca super tired. First impression: it’s beautiful!! 



Ready to go!



11:30 – I just got back from the pet shop where our two dogs, Kiara and Yoko will be taken care during our trip. Mixed emotions as they get very anxious, but glad at the same time because they re going to be spending their week with a lot of other dogs playing and doing dog stuff like mora playing!



We’re excited for being so close to finally take off. There are minor preparations to take care of, like taking our dogs to the hotel! We’re anticipating a lot of tours to the archaeological sites and a lot of culture and tradition as this is going to be during Easter, which brings a lot a Catholic celebrations to towns like Oaxaca.

Update (13:37pm):

Travel checklist:

1. Tickets ✔️

2. Passports ✔️

3. Hotel reservations ✔️

4. Phone/iPad chargers ✔️

5. Hats ✔️

6. Sunblock ✔️

7. Taxi ✔️


Fotos de Labradores / Labradors photos

  Guess who is always there… When you’re eating something

Guess who´s got first row...

Guess who´s got first row…

Are you serious?

Are you serious? I’m not going to school today.



This is me making they follow... they never get tired!

This is me making they follow… they never get tired!

Kiara is always on the look out for other dogs.

Kiara is always on the look out for other dogs.


Simba gets to sleep when I play the guitar which is strange given the volume!

Simba gets to sleep when I play the guitar which is strange given the volume!


These are Simba and Kiara, our labradors with their cousin Peluca.


Aquí secándose luego de ir a la playa / Just getting dry after a day at the beach 20140423-170805.jpg


20140424-063927.jpg Kiara watching some TV!


Simba chilling after a long swim.8898306eb1d611e38e7212579bd4bf8f_8

Aguas Abiertas / Open Waters – Herradura, Julio 24, 2011

Mi primera competencia en aguas abiertas!!! 6to en mi categoría. Fue un gran reto, sobretodo porque no sabía qué esperar en la salida y cual debía ser el ritmo adecuado para poder terminar. / My first race in open waters. I was 6th in my category. Big challenge because I didn’t know what to expect on the get-go and what rhythm to keep in order to get to the finish!